Revitalizing Resident Care

Revicare™ provides medical, nutritional, and continence
care solutions to residents in retirement
and supportive living communities.


Support for
Independent Lifestyles

We work with leading brands in medical supplies and continence care management to bring you
the best product selection at
economical prices.


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About Revicare™

Revicare™ is a leading distributor of medical supplies and continence care management products to residents in retirement and supportive living communities. For over a decade under the ClassMed brand, we have worked with our partners in care to maximize resident independence and quality of life. In January 2022, we rebranded as Revicare with a renewed commitment to serve the broader healthcare needs of Canadians, offering solutions in:

  • Incontinence or bowel and bladder leakage

  • Health and nutrition

  • Arthritis care and compression therapy

  • Ostomy

  • Skin and wound care

  • Urology

  • Infection prevention and control


Why choose Revicare?

  • Superior product selection at affordable prices

  • Easy ordering by phone, fax or email

  • Free delivery in discreet packaging to your address

  • Education for caregivers on proper product usage

  • Dedicated customer care specialists for product support and questions

  • Convenient, direct billing

  • Your commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

  • The quality of the continence care supplies I've purchased from you is outstanding, and they have significantly improved my quality of life.

  • Dealing with incontinence is not easy, but your vast selection of products has provided me with the comfort and confidence I needed.

  • The reliability and effectiveness of the medical supplies I have purchased from you have exceeded my expectations every time.

  • I can't thank Revicare enough for the peace of mind it has given me!

Revicare has transformed the
lives of seniors across

For over a decade, we have been experts in medical supplies and continence care. Find out more about how Revicare can change your life:

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We offer solutions in urology, compression therapy, incontinence, infection prevention and control, nutrition, ostomy, and wound and skin care.